Who We Are

Great Wind is a lay Zen community committed to making Zen practice accessible to the communities west of Indianapolis. We generally practice Soto Zen style zazen (seated meditation) but welcome other compatible meditative traditions.

We hope you will join us for Practice. Newcomers are always welcome to attend, you do not have to be Buddhist to participate. If you are new to zazen please arrive by 6:30 pm on Thursday for a brief introduction and orientation to the Zendo, or contact us at greatwindzen@gmail.com to arrange for a special introductory session. Read more about us and our practice in this article in "Be" magazine.

Our Story

The spirit of Great Wind Zendo became alive in June 2013 when a small group of interested people started a weekly practice of Zen Buddhist meditation. In October 2014, Great Wind Zendo was organized as a non-profit corporation by a group of dedicated practitioners who wish to provide a peaceful place for others to meditate and experience calmness of mind.

"Great Wind" is from the calligraphy by 18th century Zen poet Ryokan: "Sky Above, Great Wind".

Contact Us

Our Zendo is located in the heart of Hendricks County in Danville, Indiana. Please contact us via e-mail at greatwindzen@gmail.com, we'll be happy to answer your questions. You can also request to be added to our email list or "like" our Facebook page to receive updates.